NFT’s have become increasingly popular over the years, with different industries such as entertainment, fashion and even sports benefitting from these tokens. One industry that aligned with both of our specialities and interests was gaming. But how secure are they?

What is an NFT?

We already gave a thorough breakdown as to what NFT’s…

For years now at Cyrex, we’ve implemented the pair hacking method for our penetration testing. It’s a staple in our success as a cybersecurity company, approaching testing more like a hacking group. The results speak for themselves.

What is pair hacking?

Pair hacking is our method of conducting penetration testing. …

When it comes to penetration testing, there are multiple avenues of engagement. Traditionally, there are three models that would be used. In a continued effort to take some of the mysticism and confusion out of the topic, we’d like to lay these three out plainly.

Penetration Testing Engagement

When someone needs to go…


Cyrex is a native security company specialised in securing and developing software with a strong focus on online gaming.

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